A group of Gralats in a Farm.

Farming is a widely-used method of obtaining Gralats in Graal. The first known uses of Farming were by using bombs and throwing them at Bushes or Grass. Over time, the Gralats would increase in value and change color. The act of Farming increased once Guildhouses were released.

Gralats change colour as soon as their value reaches a certain amount. You can increase their value by merging gralats on top of each other. This is done usually in a players House or Guild House. To multiply Gralat Values, you must first be in your house. Break grass or a bush until a 'green' or 'blue' gralat is revealed. Then you must double click the gralat. The first double click will Lock the gralat from Visitors only, but you may still collect it if walked on. The second double click will Lock the gralat from Everyone. This will make it noncollectable to anyone, even the owner. Double clicking a third time will completely unlock it, and once again anyone may collect it.

For Farming, It is suggested that 'Locking the gralat from Everyone' is used. Once it is locked, anytime the grass or bush it is on is broken, and a gralat is revealed, it will add to its value by 1(green) or 5(blue). You can Single Click a gralat to see its current value. Gralats do not appear every time a bush or grass is hit, so it may not multiply every time. This concept is known to the community as "Farming".

-NOTE: There are absolutely NO 'cheats' or 'hacks' that can change gralat values. Players may try to convince others to unlock their gralats by saying they can. To ensure the protection of your hard earned gralats, keep them Locked and avoid these scams. Server staff will most likely be unable to reimburse players who have been scammed this way.

Farming Scams are a constant problem that waste victim player's time and energy. Players who advertise payment to you if you farm in their house are almost 100% of the time a scam. As you farm in their house making them money, they are preparing to kick and block you once your 'time' is finished. Think about it, if you farm for '30 minutes' and they say they will pay you 300 gralats, how would they even make any money? Again, Server Staff can do nothing to reimburse players scammed this way, but it is encouraged that the player advertising this scam is reported immediately.